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With the help of EY Navigate, you can make immediate progress toward the financial goals that matter to you and have a positive impact on your future. We'll break down complex tasks, like retirement planning and debt management, into bite-sized activities and develop a personalized plan for you based on your unique situation.

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Because Bank of America truly understands that your financial wellness is important

EY Navigate is a benefit provided by Bank of America, free of charge to you. With our proven approach, we work directly with Bank of America to provide you with a thoughtful and high-quality service to help you with your money-related matters. Rest assured, your personal financial information is secure and private, and will not be shared with your sponsoring organization.

Guided by EY’s team of experienced and objective financial planners

Along with a collection of proven tools and information to better equip you for your financial future, EY Navigate brings you the proven experience of a dedicated financial planner to help you achieve your goals. Once you begin using the service, you will be paired with an experienced planner who will be available to you via phone or messaging. This is a proven professional who can offer unbiased education and guidance as it pertains specifically to you and your unique financial situation.

Meet Alex

“I earned my B.S. in Marketing with Minors in Economics & Advertising from Florida Gulf Coast University. I am also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. I found the financial planning profession in college and knew I wanted to help others better prepare for the expected and the unexpected. In my free time, I spend my time traveling, adventuring outdoors, boating, tailgating, and attending Tampa Bay Buccaneers games."

Meet Francesca

“I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from San Francisco State University. I am also a Certified Financial Planner ™.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors in the Tampa Bay Area with my family. "

How it works

Add information

Add your accounts and other key information for a complete and accurate view of your current finances.

Work toward goals

Prioritize what’s important to you and create actionable plans that are realistic, forward-focused and achievable.

Check in with a planner

Lean on your dedicated EY financial planner for guidance and education along the way.